A Wonderland for Kids

and Adults Alike

A Rabbit Hole Full of Amazing Items

Be filled with glee at the things you’ll see at Weird Oh! in McCaysville, Georgia. Our store’s exterior features two doors—a small one within the other. This small hatch is also called the “Alice in Wonderland” door. We encourage kids to check it because sometimes, it holds a box of toys and candies that they can take home for free.

Inside our shop is a large section that offers a vast selection of toys that your little ones will enjoy playing with. Adults need not worry, too, as Weird Oh! isn’t only for children. We have unusual kitchen tools and décor, one-of-a-kind art, and other useful goods that you can purchase for your home.

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There are also unique food and drinks that can make anyone’s mouth water in delight.

You’ll find a grin as big as Cheshire’s on your face as soon as you taste the sweets and refreshments that we have to offer.

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